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Gaussmeter Repair and Calibration

CESCO has been documenting gaussmeter testing on CESCO’s line of sanitary magnetic separators for nearly 60 years. As one would imagine, magnets and corresponding gaussmmeter readings have increased dramatically over the past 60 years. This is due primarily to the change in magnetic materials over this time period. In the early days, Alnico (composed of aluminium, nickel and colbalt) were used predominantly. These gave way to ceramic magnets (iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate) which produce a stronger magnetic field than alnico. Ceramics then gave way to the rare earth magnets (primarily neodymium, iron and boron) which are today still the strongest type of permanent magnets.

CESCO has been offering a line of portable gaussmeters for customers to test their magnets in the field for nearly 20 years. Guassmeters accurately measure the magnetic field on a magnet. More specifically, they measure the number of lines of flux per square centimeter on the magnet. As with any measuring instrument, it is important to maintain accuracy. For that reason, it is recommended that each CESCO gaussmeter be tested for accuracy on an annual basis. Simply package the gaussmeter and probe up securely and send it to CESCO’s manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Texas. Typical turnaround time is one day. If the item is in disrepair, we can have it repaired or replaced quickly. Please call or email CESCO for more information.