Cesco Magnetics Electron Microscope image of metal trash and fines including 304 and 316 stainless shear as small as 0.0001 inches

About Us

CESCO Magnetics is the leading supplier of sanitary grade, magnetic separation (Metal Separation, Magnetic Plate, Magnets for Liquids & magnetic equipments) for the beverage, food, personal care, pharmaceutical and many other industries that demand the highest performance when it comes to capturing and removing metal trash from liquid or dry processing lines.

CESCO has more than 60 years experience designing and manufacturing standard and custom separators for a wide variety of processing lines from bulk solids to liquids.

CESCO employs a seasoned team of designers, machinists, metal fabricators, welders, and customer service specialists - all focused on getting it right the first time and delivering every separator, valve, or part when promised. Some products require that third-party components be included in the final assembly; in such cases CESCO warrantees the third-party component as its own.

Every CESCO employee shares a common commitment to customer support through attention to detail, quality of the finished product, technical knowledge, and delivery when promised.

Good Manufacturing Practices:

As a manufacturer of high quality magnetic separators, CESCO understands the responsibilities of manufacturing "to spec." and as such guarantees that any and all components or assemblies manufactured to a customer's specifications will perform to the same.

We employ process validation as part of the manufacturing process. This means that we identify variables that might affect the finished part or assembly during the fabrication and assembly process including equipment, materials, component parts, and inspection procedures. This ensures that every item shipped will perform to the stated specification and is warranted to do so.

Replacement Separators:

The advantages of replacing older or competitor's magnetic separators with our proprietary designs that employ higher powered, rare-earth Neodymium magnet circuits are well known including greater capture and hold ratios. Our current model separators will remove metal trash much smaller than state-of-the-art metal detectors can detect including stainless fines to 0.0001 inches.