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Custom Magnet Assemblies

CESCO has been manufacturing custom magnetic assemblies since 1946. Over the past 70+ years, CESCO’s team of engineers has created too many custom units to list. Using the latest in 3D CAD (computer aided design) software, CESCO can design a custom unit and send it to the customer for approval prior to construction. CESCO can send a simple 2D schematic of the unit or send a full 3D rendering of the proposed unit that can be fully manipulated into any orientation by the customer. CESCO’s custom magnetic assemblies are only limited to one’s imagination.

CESCO has invested heavily into technology. CESCO uses CAD for designing products, CAM (computer aided manufacturing) for converting those drawings to machine language and the best CNC (computer numerically controlled) equipment for producing these products.

While the above is important for producing quality parts consistently, CESCO also employs certified welders to that not only run CNC welding equipment but also manual welding machines often needed for custom parts. With years of experience producing custom sanitary magnetic separators, what can CESCO make for you?

Cesco Magnetics Custom Assembly
Cesco Magnetic Custom Assembly
Cesco Magnetic Custom Assembly