QVV Major Vacuum Breaker

QV-Vacuum Breaker


A compact, quick acting, sanitary major vacuum breaker valve for eliminating air from processing lines. It offers two-way passage of air until the line is pressurized, then the plug rises, closing the valve. When depressurized, the plug drops, which allows air back into the system, draining the line. The QVV/ QVVO valve offers 7 times the air flow of our QV/QVO valve.


  • Easy to clean, disassemble and assemble
  • All 316 stainless steel except the 302 SS spring
  • Positive sealing with negligible spitting
  • Both the QVV and QVVO have the same action.
  • The QVVO, with its O-ring seal, is designed for hot, crusting liquids and abusive environments, where the QVV’s metal-to-metal seat may be damaged.


HTST pasteurization - for protection of heat generators against siphon drainage; Vacuum pasteurization - preventing exposure of flow diversion valves to downstream vacuum; Cleaning and purging lines with compressed air.


  1. Siphon prevention.
  2. Venting air from liquid lines and allowing lines to drain.
  3. Preventing vacuum in liquid lines (not tanks).
QV-Vacuum Breaker


These valves work reliably when used in milk processing lines. Milk fats serve as lubricants for the valves. For products not containing natural lubricants, approved lubricants may be used. If using a QVVO valve, try teflon coated Buna-N or Viton O-rings.

Valve Specification

Line Size 2"
Valve Height 4"
Q-Seat Diameter 1 - 1/4"
Orifice Diameter - Minor 11/32"
Orifice Diameter - Major 1"


  1. Due to varying conditions of each system, every Q-Control valve should be tested in place before being relied upon for protection during operation.
  2. Information presented is general and may not apply to the conditions of individual installation.
  3. . The manufacturer’s warranty relates to workmanship, sanitary requirements, and action as tested when shipped. Any liability cannot exceed the price of the valve.
Item Part No. Description Material
1* QVV20UB Upper Body - QVV 316SS
2* QVV20PL Plug - QVV 316SS
3 QVV20BS Base 316SS
4 QVV20SP Spring 302SS
5 40MPU-2 Gasket - 2" TriClover Buna-N
6 13MHLA-2 Clamp - 2" TriClover 302SS
7 QVV20LB Lower Body 316SS
8 QVVO20UB Upper Body - QVVO (not shown) 316SS
9 QVVO20PL Plug - QVVO (not shown) 316SS
10 OR214B O-ring (not shown) Buna-N
  OR214TC O-ring, Teflon Coated Buna-N
  OR214BV O-ring