QVF Tank Vacuum Relief Valve

QVF Tank Vacuum Relief Valve


A sanitary tank vacuum relief valve providing quick action, large flow and minimal accumulation. The non- adjustable low vacuum relief setting is closed under pressure, atmospheric pressure, or partial vacuum. Opens at specified low degree of vacuum and continues to open with increasing vacuum.


  1. Protection of tanks and equipment that can be damage by accidental vacuum such as from faulty discharge pumping, drainage or cooling without venting.
  2. General relief at set degree of vacuum.
  3. For massive low vacuum relie


This valve should not be exposed to pressures above 15 PSI or to sudden excessive vacuum caused by rapid condensation of steam.


Valve Specification

Inlet Size 2" 2 1/2"
Height “L” 27/8" 31/4"
Flow Orifice Dia. 13/8" 13/4"
Flow Capacity (GPM) 100 175
Stroke “S” 5/16" 7/16"
Actuated Area (sq. in.) 8.3 8.3
Inlet Connection Tri-Clamp

Test in Place

Before relying on this valve for protection during operation, it should be tested in place. Test it using a proper gauge and observe the valve's action under opening vacuum relief and under maximum relief to be assured that the vacuum tolerance of the equipment or tank can not be exceeded.

Item Part No. Description Material
1 OR338B O-ring Buna-N
2 QVF200PL Plug - 2" 316SS
  QVF250PL Plug - 2.5 316SS
3 QVF200SP Spring - 2" 302SS
  QVF250SP Spring - 2.5" 302SS
4 QVF200BD Body - 2" 316SS
  QVF250BD Body - 2.5" 316SS


  1. Due to varying conditions of each system, every Q-Control valve should be tested in place before being relied upon for protection during operation.
  2. Information presented is general and may not apply to the conditions of individual installation.
  3. The manufacturer’s warranty relates to workmanship, sanitary requirements, and action as tested when shipped. Any liability cannot exceed the price of the valve.