QSF Tank Pressure Relief Valve

QVF Tank Vacuum Relief Valve


Sanitary, non-adjustable low pressure relief valve for liquid and air service. It features a large flow capacity with light accumulation. The opening relief pressure is set at the factory, according to customer’s need, between 2 and 20 PSI. Simple rugged design for positive closure, easy take-apart, cleaning and reassembly.


  1. Protect tanks and equipment with low pressure tolerances against overpressure

Valve Specification

Range Setting (PSI) 2 - 20
Diameter of Orifice 13/8"
Actuated Area (sq. in.) 2.8"
Capacity (GPM) 100
Inlet Connection 2" Tri-Clamp


  1. Due to varying conditions of each system, every Q-Control valve should be tested in place before being relied upon for protection during operation.
  2. Information presented is general and may not apply to the conditions of individual installation.
  3. The manufacturer’s warrantee relates to workmanship, sanitary requirements, and action as tested when shipped. Any liability cannot exceed the price of the valve
Item Part No. Description Material
1 QSF20WN Wing Nut 304SS
2 QSF20CA Cap 316SS
3 OR113B O-ring - Cap Buna-N


5 QSF20SPL Spring 302SS
6 OR329B O-Ring, Stem Buna-N
7 QSF20ST Stem 316SS