"Capturing Metal Trash and Fines including 316 stainless steel as small as 0.0001 inches"


Mico -MagTrap

July 29th, 2008

Micro Magtrap

Micro Magtrap


™ Magnetics announces the Micro-MagTrap™. This new magnetic separator or line trap is an extension one of the industry’s most powerful and popular magnetic separators. Powered by circuits of rare-earth Neodymium magnets, CESCO MagTraps remove metal trash as small as 0.000 inches from product flow. The new midi-model bridges the gap between the very popular Micro-MagTraps for ½ to ¾ inch processing lines, and full-sized MagTrap for 1.5 to 6 inch lines.

All CESCO magnetic line traps are manufactured to meet or exceed USDA AMS standards per NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1 2002 and engineered to withstand pressures of 200PSI and temperatures of 300⁰ F. MagTraps are commonly installed in front of fillers for product purity and in front of pumps, screens, and mills to protect equipment from metal trash.

Contact the company at 1-877-624-8727 or visit www.cescomagnetics.com

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