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The Newest in Easy to Clean Grates

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009



CESCOreleases the newest easy to clean duct-grate unlike any other ever produced!  There are no replacement “wipers” and this is not a tube-in-tube design that substantially reduces the magnetic strength.  Instead, this unit works by first releasing the side latches, then pulling the handle to remove the tubes out of the product stream and into the cleaning area.  A second pull on the handle removes the magnets from the tubes allowing all the collected trash to fall freely outside the product stream and into a waste container.  To recharge the system, simply push the handle to return the magnets to the tubes and the tubes into the duct housing.  The latches are then clamped to prevent accidentally pulling the magnets from the active product flow.  Simple, safe and effective was the concept and the end result of this new grate design.  These units are custom made to your specifications and allow an easy to clean operation unrealized in the industry.  For more information on this or any of the custom products produced by CESCO, please call toll-free at 1-877-624-8727.

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