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See’s Candies

Friday, August 21st, 2009

135-3in.  water jacketSee’s Candies chooses CESCO™ magnetic separators to ensure quality

Since its founding eighty-five years ago in Los Angeles, See’s Candies has built its brand on quality and customer loyalty. Every cream, nougat, fruit or nut center, whether simple or elegant are all wonderful. It’s really the carefully tempered, slow roasted chocolate that is creamy, rich in color, with a glossy sheen and a chocolaty aroma that delivers the ‘decadent taste” that See’s loyalists crave.

See’s does not process cocoa beans into chocolate itself, but the company has created a demanding set of specifications for blending African, Indonesian and South American beans that it purchases from only the few suppliers that can meet those standards. The proprietary blend of beans is roasted, winnowed and conched then both solid and liquid chocolates are tempered in its own kitchens. The tempering process, where chocolate is heated slowly then slowly cooled, is a tricky and involved process, but it is one of the most important steps in creating the high quality chocolate coating that loyal customers have come to expect.

See’s takes a number of additional quality control steps as part of its GMP including the employment of CESCO rare earth magnet separators or traps at different stages in the manufacturing and packaging processes. The magnets remove any tramp metal that might have sheared during mixing, blending, pumping or tempering the chocolate.

See’s installed water-jacketed magnetic line traps on liquid lines after every pump and a series of custom pivoting magnetic plates over enrobing lines plus additional box magnets on their packaging lines. Marc Truslow of CESCO Magnetics says, “the MagTraps that See’s installed on their pumping lines are ideal for pumped food applications because they were designed so that liquids and slurries flow-through multiple (seven) intense magnetic fields without slowing. MagTraps are easy to clean and the housings are manufactured from centrifugally spun cast stainless which compared to investment casting, delivers tight-grained defect free parts which is especially important when a pumped product is under high pressure or extreme temperatures. The series of custom built flanged or hinged magnets are designed and fabricated with trailing edges to capture and prevent contaminants from being brushed off by product flow on the enrobing and packaging lines. All CESCO separators employ rare earth magnets that are about five times stronger than ceramic magnets. Rare earth magnets are very efficient at removing the finest ferrous or work-hardened stainless particles, even those that are as small as 0.00001 inches and much too small to be detected by even state-of-the-art metal detectors.”

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